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Who else wants all the fun and learning of a Latin American Vacation without leaving home?

Rocket Spanish Premium Special

This is your chance to follow the Latin American adventures of Maria and Miguel as they revisit their roots, and experience the best that this beautiful part of the world has to offer.
Join our two friends as they dive with the sharks, sail the high seas, explore beyond the beaten track, enjoy the wonderful culture and cuisine, and much more. Each episode takes you on a new adventure! 
Plus, as they refresh their Spanish language skills you can learn too. Each monthly episode includes plenty of practical every-day Spanish conversation in real-life situations!

the story to learn how Spanish words look, Listen to the audio to discover how they sound, and get help with your pronunciation along the way!

But be warned: These Episodes are Addictive!

What The Español Episodes will do for you:

Not only will you quickly become engrossed in the travel adventures of Maria and Miguel and experience all-sorts of fascinating real-life adventures; your Spanish language will grow too!
  • Read the Spanish transcripts as the characters speak to one another. You'll learn just how the words look, how they're spelled, and what they mean!
  • Listen as our friends speak to the locals in Spanish. As they make bookings, catch buses, arrange activities, and chat with the natives, you'll quickly learn to recognize exactly how Spanish is supposed to sound!
  • Practice your Spanish by reading and revisiting the conversations, then harness the power of the Rocket Record voice comparison system to perfect your pronunciation! 

Best of all, you get to satisfy your desire to experience the Spanish language and culture, and indulge your passion for learning, while enjoying a fun, interesting, and addictive adventure!

It's what we like to call Edutainment... entertainment that's educational too!

Plus, the Español Episodes are a Rocket Languages product, so you know that you're getting the best quality Spanish product money can buy!

That's language learning for today's learner...

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The Espanol Episodes

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Yours sincerely,

Maria & Miguel

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